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How Can I Prepare My Daughter for Her First Pap Smear?

How Can I Prepare My Daughter for Her First Pap Smear?

A Pap smear is an essential aspect of every woman's health. It's a screening tool that detects cervical cell changes that could indicate cancer. Teens don't usually need a Pap test, but preparing your daughter for her first one is a good idea so she knows what to expect.

Girls can be extremely apprehensive about their first Pap smear, especially when they don't know what it entails. The best way to prepare your daughter is to tell her exactly why she needs it and what happens during the appointment.

If you need help preparing her for her first Pap test, the New England Women's Healthcare team is here to help. Our team of OB/GYN specialists offers various preventive measures, including Pap tests, to women who need them.

When does my daughter need a Pap smear?

Every woman needs an annual OB/GYN visit, but when should you start taking your daughter? According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), teens should have their first OB/GYN visit between the ages of 13 and 15.

The first visit is typically to be proactive in your daughter's health and wellness. Still, sometimes it's due to a problem that arises during puberty. Some reasons you may make an appointment earlier include:

These are all valid reasons to schedule your daughter's first OB/GYN visit, but when does she need a Pap smear? Your daughter won't automatically need one at her first visit unless there are concerns about cervical cancer or they have questionable symptoms.

ACOG recommends women get their first Pap test at age 21 unless there are concerns about cervical cancer earlier. You can discuss your daughter's needs with our team at her first appointment to ensure the proper screening for her age and concerns.

Preparing your daughter for the Pap test

Even though your daughter will most likely be an adult before she needs her first Pap smear, it's a good idea to prepare her beforehand. A Pap test can be daunting for someone who has never experienced it.

Chances are, your daughter hasn't had many internal screening exams before her first Pap test, so we offer the following tips to parents who are trying to prepare their daughters for the quick procedure:

Be completely honest

It's essential to be completely honest when explaining the Pap smear to your daughter. Explain to her that it may be uncomfortable but shouldn't cause severe pain. Let her know it's usually pretty quick, but she may cramp up during and after the test.

Tell her why it's necessary

Your daughter should know why she needs a Pap smear before her appointment. Make sure she knows that it's a vital aspect of cancer prevention and screening and that routinely doing it could potentially save her life.

Explain the procedure

The best way to prepare your daughter is by telling her exactly what to expect. Tell her about the internal exam, the coldness of the speculum, and, of course, the foot stirrups on the exam table.

The more she knows about the procedure, the more comfortable she will be during her first Pap test. If she's relaxed, she will mind the exam less and may experience less discomfort.

Answer her questions

Have an open discussion and allow your daughter to ask questions about the Pap test. Answer the questions honestly and truthfully to ensure she knows exactly what to expect at her appointment.

Prepare her for our questions

During an OB/GYN appointment, we ask many questions about reproductive and female health. Prepare your daughter by informing her about any pertinent family history, vaccinations, and prior surgical procedures she had.

The more information we gather about her health, the easier the appointment is. It's also essential to tell her to be completely honest and truthful about her sexual health, including the use of birth control or protection from STDs.

To schedule a Pap smear for your daughter today, call our team at our Woburn or Wilmington, Massachusetts, office or request an appointment here on the website.

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