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Women’s health care is complex, and that’s why you need an OB/GYN team you can trust for your gynecology, breast health, and obstetrics needs. At New England Women’s Healthcare in Woburn and Wilmington, Massachusetts, you get attentive personalized care from leading providers who are highly experienced in every aspect of women’s health. Book your appointment by phone or through the online scheduler today.

Women's Health Q & A

When do I need to have women’s health exams?

It depends on your health and needs, but New England Women’s Healthcare typically recommends annual women’s health exams. Of course, if anything changes, like pregnancy or abnormal bleeding, you should schedule an additional appointment as soon as possible.

What does a women’s health exam include?

Your women’s health exam at New England Women’s Healthcare includes a pelvic exam along with a clinical breast exam in most cases. A clinical breast exam is useful for detecting abnormal tissue, but a mammogram is necessary for in-depth images of your breast tissue. Your OB/GYN at New England Women’s Healthcare will recommend a mammogram if you need one.

During your exam, your OB/GYN discusses your health history and any current concerns with you. If you’re having issues or if your doctor observes a potential problem during your exam, they may perform additional tests.

If you need birth control, your OB/GYN can discuss your options with you and recommend one that fits your needs. If you already have a birth control device like an IUD or Nexplanon® implant, your doctor checks to make sure it’s in place and working properly during your women’s health exam.

You may also need a cervical cancer screening during your women’s health exam, depending on whether you’ve had the test recently.

How often do I need cervical cancer screening?

It depends on a few factors, with age being the main one:

  • From 21-29: Pap test every three years, no HPV test needed
  • From 30-65: both Pap and HPV test every five years, or Pap alone every three years

If you have a history of cervical cancer or are at risk for it, your provider can recommend a different cervical cancer testing schedule. You may need yearly screenings in this situation.

How can I prepare for my pelvic exam?

Plan your women’s health appointment during a time when you won’t be on your period if at all possible. Refrain from douching and vaginal intercourse for 24 hours prior to your pelvic exam, and be sure to follow any other preparation guidelines that your New England Women’s Healthcare provider gives you for a successful exam.

For women’s health care that’s truly focused on your wellness, click the online scheduler or call New England Women’s Healthcare today.